Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What Georgia Tech fans are saying about the Ireland trip [unscientific research]

Living in Atlanta, I know lots of Georgia Tech fans and listen to plenty of Atlanta sports radio. Do you know what Jacket fans are saying about the trip to Ireland? Nothing. There is no buzz and little excitement among my crowd. I only know of one person going. Now admittedly, I don't know every Georgia Tech fan in the world and I know that there will be plenty of Jacket supporters over there. My point is that playing the game in Ireland against BC has not broken into the wider sports discussion.

Georgia Tech's struggles to get attention mirror many of BC's issues. While Atlanta might not be as passionate about their professional teams as Boston fans, the Jackets compete with the Falcons and Braves for attention, plus the Georgia Bulldogs and all the SEC fans in the area. If you listen to local Sports Radio, you hear much more on Georgia and the other Top 25 matchups opening weekend than you do about Ireland.

When there is talk, the consensus seems to be that GT must come back with a win. That travelling that far only to lose to a winless ACC team would be a demoralizing way to start the season. One thing of note about the little I have read and heard: GT is practicing and scrimmaging early in the morning so that their body clocks are ready for the 7 AM kickoff.

Just because there isn't much early excitement about the game doesn't mean it is a bad idea or lost cause. I am glad BC tried something new and the unique timeslot on the opening weekend helps raise awareness. It will probably be BC's highest rated day game this season. But the general apathy around the game here is just a reminder that if BC ever wants to be top of mind in Boston (or nationally) they need to win more.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Burton flips

To the shock of no one, Florida (via Newton South) QB Austin Burton decommitted from BC and is now verballed to UCLA. When Burton first committed I had a feeling it was only temporary. You don't leave Massachusetts to gain exposure only to go play at a college ten minutes from Newton South.

BC will be fine. We have another QB in this class and there is always the chance Addazio could grab another 5th year (Hayden Rettig?) or a traditional transfer. I won't disparage Burton's choice. My mom went to UCLA and it has a lot to offer. But I do question why he wasted everyone's time committing to BC when it seemed obvious he had his sight sets on other things.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A different sort of hype video

BC released a well-received hype video last week. It was well done. But I thought some fans might like a different sort of video to get ready for Ireland. Like maybe the full game of the 1993 upset over No. 1 Notre Dame. Enjoy it while it is still up!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

BC posts about the scrimmage without really posting about the scrimmage

BC released a write up of their second scrimmage and it sounded more like a write up from a newspaper. No statistics are listed for the QBs. No mention of leading tacklers or who lined up where. It is a change from how things used to be covered by BC.

I notice these things because I've been doing this for so long. But maybe those sorts of details don't really matter. If Wade looked sharp or Towles went 8 for 8, is that really going to change Addazio's decision? Probably not. What's is encouraging is seeing new names like Tavon Jones or Glines sprinkled into the news. The hope is one of those new names turns his scrimmage showing into an impact on the real season.

BC also mentioned the focus on Georgia Tech. While it might seem early, I understand why they are doing prep for GT now. Playing a option team always creates more work. Plus we are going to be totally off schedule with the trip to Ireland. It makes sense to deal with this now. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tips for Georgia Tech

BC's first game will be unusual. In part due to the setting in Ireland. But also because of the opponent: Georgia Tech. The Jackets' Triple Option Offense is unlike anything else BC will face this year. Because of the misdirection and multiple players involved in every play, you often hear that the defense has to play "assignment football." However, there are plenty more nuances than that. The D must also be ready for their different blocking approaches and their dangerous passing game. Watch the guys from Fox Sports South break it down a bit below. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

ACC Network "Extra" starts Friday

Our first glimpse of the ACC Network starts Friday with the launch of ACC Network Extra. It is essentially an Over-The-Top network that ESPN is powering. It is available to anyone with a WatchESPN or the ESPN App. While this is exciting, it is really just a fancy name for what most of us had and have with ESPN3.com.

It is a good first step, but the majority of the content with be non-revenue sports. This is good news for the diehards of these random sports. The number of games and their production quality will be much better.

It will be interesting to see how many actually use the "Extra" service. I think football still drives demand and viewers. Without key content, I think this first step will just be small one.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Looking at Addazio's inconsistency on philosophies

Addazio has spent the whole offseason saying the Defense won't change now that Don Brown is gone. He says that the terminology is the same, the personnel and of course the aggressiveness. While Reid won't be running a system he put together, he has enough experience in football that this shouldn't be a problem. Plus Paul Pasqualoni -- who used Don Brown at UConn -- is around to fill in any gaps. I am fine with this idea of keeping the system after its founder is gone. Limited practice time and specialized recruiting help "systems" work in College Football, as opposed to the NFL where you have to do it all. What I find interesting is that Addazio is married to a Defensive System, yet keeps changing his offense each year. You wouldn't expect that from an offensive guy.

Articles like this reinforce the idea that Loeffler is going to make drastic changes to BC's offense. Much more passing and more downfield plays. We probably have the QB to do this, but I don't know if we have the OLine to protect him or the playmakers to leverage it. We will see once the games begin. But what if BC struggles again? Will Addazio try something else next year?

I don't know how intentional it was, but Addazio stumbled into something beautiful and brilliant in his second year. Because of the personnel and coaching, BC ran a scheme that was part Oregon and part Stanford. We couldn't throw well, but we had a unique and electric offense. Instead of keeping that unique style, Addazio scrapped it when Murphy left and Offensive Coordinator Ryan Day went to the NFL. Last year we started in a more traditional pocket passing, power game. Once Wade got hurt we struggled to do anything. That is where the lack of a system comes into play. If Addazio was truly building an offense -- not just adjusting to players and his OC -- he would have been able to better plug in a replacement for Wade. We will have the same issues this year if a QB goes down or no one can catch.

Maybe Loeffler is finally running the Offense Addazio wants. Maybe we will be power running with play action for deep balls. I don't care. I just want him to find something that works and stick with it.